Thursday, July 31, 2014

I painted my kitchen table and chairs... again...

I love not having new things. First because most of the things I have were free or very little. Second because I can't paint my furniture and I don't care one bit because it's only going to make it better.

I have painted over this free dining room table set now twice, and recovered the chairs a dozen or so times. Here is the first version... (here, here, here)

This time I wanted to completely change the look. So I went to my go to. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and gave the table two coats of Pure White and the chairs two coats of Graphite. I recovered the chairs in a fabric I have throughout my house. And I love it. I am almost done with the dining room and can't wait to show it to you completed.

Here is the table before I started with this rendition.

 photo IMG_9923_zps7882c731.jpg
 photo IMG_9924_zpsb42a19a9.jpg

And during the painting. Just a little trick put your table and chair legs on paper plates. It makes them easier to slide around and keeps the paint off the ground allowing you to paint down to the bottom of the entire leg without moving the table outside.

 photo IMG_9933_zps13541c44.jpg

And the completed look. Don't mind the burlap on the wall behind it. It was a trial and it's NOT staying.

 photo IMG_9958_zps32e968e5.jpg
 photo IMG_9959_zps923bc04c.jpg
 photo IMG_9960_zps5cd02b90.jpg
 photo IMG_9961_zps70a235c2.jpg

The best part is is that I used chalk paint and so it will naturally age and show wear and tear which is just the look I am going for. I don't have to stress about it one bit. Just sit back and enjoy it. Which I already do. I love walking into the room and just staring... I'm a little weird, I know.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How To Make Your Own LongBoarding Gloves

We are starting a longboarding gang at my house. And accordingly we need the gear. All of the boys have gloves except Ledger. I refuse to pay $40 for a pair of kids gloves. (Especially after I've paid $30 for a helmet and $200 for a longboard for each of them. I never realized how expensive longboard were until we started looking into them...)

 So what do I do? Oh, you know. Make them... for around $20.

 photo IMG_9943_zps7828768f.jpg

Do you want to make a pair? You will need to grab:

your scissors
a pair of batting gloves that fit (Target has $7 ones)
glove pucks (Amazon has them for $13 here)
Industrial Sticky Velcro, just the soft side

 photo IMG_9938_zpsbacbbe18.jpg

Have your longboarder put on the batting gloves and turn their hands palm up.

 photo IMG_9939_zps9d352262.jpg

Grab the Industrial Velcro and cut two rectangles out of it the size of the pucks. Clip the corners at angles and throw the corners away.

 photo IMG_9940_zps64f80df9.jpg

Peel off the sticky back paper and press them onto the center of the palm of the batting gloves.

 photo IMG_9941_zps4b25574d.jpg 

Grab your pucks and press them onto the Velcro. The back of pucks come with Velcro secured to them, in case you didn't know this fun fact already.

 photo IMG_9942_zps5122bb4c.jpg

And that's it. Put on your helmet and skate or ride to your hearts content.

 photo IMG_9946_zpsa8dd6b0a.jpg

 photo IMG_9945_zps48146428.jpg
 photo IMG_9947_zpsd07ff2ef.jpg

 photo IMG_9948_zps3cf2a193.jpg

 photo IMG_9949_zpsb6ac2d20.jpg

 photo IMG_9952_zps38901ffe.jpg

 photo IMG_9953_zps148b69bf.jpg

I love when I can create something that the boys think is incredible and yet is practical and saves me money!!! Win. Win. Let me know if you give them a try!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chalkboard Art... May and June Version

I built a chalkboard that sits by my entry way about a year ago. I try... key word try... to update it every other week. At the end of every few months I am going to share with you my creations... because after all most of my creations are inspired by chalkboard art I see, so why not inspire others?
First Things First. I do this more for myself than I do anyone else... Because my boys rarely notice that I change it...  so for the first one this month I decided to be funny... it took a few days and my oldest finally noticed it... he told my husband or I don't think it would have been seen:)
 photo April152014ChalkboardArt_zps56461994.jpg
 photo IMG_8362_zpse85e175b.jpg
As far as this one goes... My chalkboard Marker was not participating with me. It kept giving me big globs that would run down... I only left this one up a few days before I had to change it. It was driving me crazy.
 photo IMG_9801_zps1f88223a.jpg
And my current one. I adore.
 photo IMG_9926_zps5d15042d.jpg
And because I know someone will wonder. I sometimes use Chalkboard Markers and I sometimes use chalk. Depends on what mood I'm in.
And the Chalkboard? I made it. I will have several on sale at The Olympia Bearzaar on November 22 if anyone is interested. I will also be listing them in my etsy shop shortly.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Pinterest Test. Fail Or Success? Homemade Laundry Detergent.

Starting in August we are cutting back. We are determined to get ourselves out of debt and free up more payment money for savings and for a future home. We are.. gulp... starting a budget. It's about time.

It's really on my head to cut back where I can as far as grocery's go. And that's our biggest expense. Well that and the boys sports.

So I decided to try out homemade laundry detergent. I had pinned it here a while ago. And thought hey if it works and I'm really only spending $20 for the entire year instead of $20 for a bottle why not?

So I called in the troops and together we made Laundry Detergent. (Don't worry, I'm not going to go all Evergreen Hippie on you, I promise... no placenta encapsulation around here... but really? have you heard of that? I did this weekend I literally felt like I needed to vomit.)

 photo IMG_9803_zps9a367671.jpg
 photo IMG_9804_zpsf32ad68d.jpg

 photo IMG_9805_zpsf55a30a5.jpg

 photo IMG_9806_zps4b576400.jpg

So what do I honestly think of it? Well, it smells amazing. So much better than any brand I've bought. I think it washes exactly the same as the stuff I was buying before... (Tide) I use white vinegar as Fabric Softener. I always have. It's also really good for your machine. With this combination the clothes come out fluffy and smelling fabulous. And they hold onto the smell for quite sometime. I do still have to pretreat some of the boys really nasty stains, but that's to be expected. In other words. I think this is a PINTEREST SUCCESS. I will definitely be making my own laundry detergent from now on. I love the smell my entire laundry room has with this sitting in the cupboard.

We are trying to involve our boys in this process as much as possible so they understand why we are saving and budgeting and how it affects us. Our goal? A new home in three years. No car loan debt. And to pay off our Private Student Loan... We can do this... I will share our progress along the way and any tips or tricks I have learned along the way. And if you have any to share... Please oh please do.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wow... Time Flies...

It used to take forever for my birthday to come around every year... now it happens so fast I can barely remember my age. No, it's not my birthday... but it seams like before I know it weeks go by... I'm trying to manage my time better. But, I'll admit it, I am a terrible planner. I just go by the seat of my pants...

So that being said... We've had allot of birthdays around here and alot of fun summer activities... I thought I would sit down and share them... Football is starting up and our summer comes to a sudden halt... and Football Life begins...

I am also in charge of a huge church craft day that is coming up shortly that I am planning for... (lots of projects for that coming soon), I am also preparing for a Bazaar in November (that I am super excited for and will help me use up my craft supplies and help pay for my tuition. Did I mention I'm starting school in the fall?), and the adoption. It's coming along and I have a dress to make for our darling daughters upcoming blessing and sealing...

But, I'm going to try to breath, and I'm going to try to stay on a routine... but no guarantees, because let's face it. It probably won't happen:)...

Just a fair warning... lots of photo's ahead... Grammie is going to love this post... and hopefully the rest of you don't mind seeing my cute kids and our family happenings every now and again...

We started our Summer off driving down to Utah for my sister's wedding... where we got to see my entire family. It's been far too long... my boys miss seeing their cousins and aunts everyday.

 photo IMG_9158_zps0049081d.jpg

 photo IMG_9164_zpsee21f542.jpg

Her wedding reception was scheduled to be outdoors. So obviously we woke up to a torrential downpour in Utah in June. Go figure. So my family got to work. We all pitched in and decorated the gym in two hours... We raided the church gym closets and I ran to Zurcher's and grabbed what I could in her colors... This is what we ended up with. Not bad... not bad at all. She was a really good sport and I think the day was a success.

 photo IMG_9165_zps8a3197ed.jpg

 photo IMG_9166_zps20ae331e.jpg

In between pictures and waiting for the reception to start my sister's serenaded Brizden very loudly to the song "Let It Go" He was thrilled to say the least... It was so fun to watch.

 photo IMG_9169_zps84730da5.jpg

 photo IMG_9170_zpsab9642bd.jpg

 photo IMG_9171_zpsad4362a5.jpg

 photo IMG_9172_zps580d00f6.jpg

And my sister of the Day. I can't believe my youngest siblings are getting married...

 photo IMG_9174_zps1ed3f702.jpg

This little guy enjoyed the day about as much as you enjoy the dentist giving you a root canal. He sure is a handful.

 photo IMG_9190_zpsc6b30f59.jpg

 photo IMG_9191_zpsd3b85e42.jpg

Which was understandable. It was a long day. If anyone is interested I have one single brother and these three hot ladies still looking... Well the one in the middle is kind of spoken for :).

 photo IMG_9195_zpsb13013ff.jpg

Because we were all dressed up I wanted to get a family picture. Well, I should have known better. That was a joke. The dumbest decision I've ever had. Out of all the photo's there isn't one good one I would use... And I have lovely wet curl hair and look extra wide... Hopefully one day I can look back at these photo's and laugh at the stage I'm currently in... (I look crazy... that is sooo many kids...)
 photo IMG_9201_zpscdacbe15.jpg

 photo IMG_9202_zps83265193.jpg

 photo IMG_9203_zps2c279f4d.jpg

 photo IMG_9204_zps5f0bd334.jpg

 photo IMG_9205_zps9208ccd9.jpg

 photo IMG_9206_zpsef01c176.jpg

 photo IMG_9207_zpsf5022c33.jpg

 photo IMG_9208_zps6436e803.jpg

Okay, so I'm kind of already laughing about it... This little turd didn't make the night miserable either... He finally caved and fell asleep mid dancing at the reception.

 photo IMG_9209_zps43e37e6f.jpg

Here is the couple of the day.

 photo IMG_9215_zpsf14de5b6.jpg

And my little princess... her beauty never gets old. And I love that I snagged a little bit of my sister-in-law's darling baby bump in the photo!

 photo IMG_9218_zps73dd5c2b.jpg

I finally was able to entertain this guy with my  bracelets...

 photo IMG_9220_zps3e97bba3.jpg

 photo IMG_9224_zpsa965cb55.jpg

 photo IMG_9225_zps38d618f1.jpg

 photo IMG_9230_zpsdd4d1e25.jpg

And then we speed cleaned up the wedding reception and headed home because we had a birthday to celebrate! It's okay if the party started at 11pm we were going to squeeze it in. My son, Rylek was such a trooper. He tried to hold it together all day, because come on... that's a pretty crappy birthday for a nine year old... He made it until the last hour of the reception when my youngest two sisters snuck him out and took him to the store where they let him pick out a single serving cake... They are the best!!!

My sister's not boyfriend did the wrapping job for us... Fantastic...

 photo IMG_9235_zpsda6778f4.jpg

He also helped my husband light up that Batman cake, That I made the night before.

 photo IMG_9237_zps0f5d67a5.jpg

 photo IMG_9238_zps457a2b26.jpg

 photo IMG_9239_zpsab30454e.jpg

Rylek is such a special kid. He has a heart of gold. I could go on and on about this guy but this post is already long enough!!!

 photo IMG_9241_zps80704994.jpg

 photo IMG_9242_zps03ac9850.jpg

There were so many candles to blow out his cheeks started hurting... he couldn't leave one after all... no girlfriends at our house!

 photo IMG_9243_zps2534d385.jpg

Then the unwrapping began.

 photo IMG_9247_zps0a5ae86b.jpg

While we were down in Utah (It was a long and fun 2 whole weeks) we headed up to my family cabin. It is where my heart is. I love it. While we were there my little devil turned two. And he became not only a little devil but a terror of all terrors.

 photo IMG_9261_zps20d089d6.jpg

See, he's two.

 photo IMG_9262_zps6e3cdacc.jpg

Or is this two?

 photo IMG_9263_zps2fd267e1.jpg

I'm a horrible mom, and I was sick of cake, and didn't want to have to shove anymore crap in the car on the way home because we didn't have room so we had donuts and skipped right on by his birthday... Hopefully one day he won't hold it against me:).

I love going up to the cabin because the kids can literally do whatever. Like pretend they are lumber jacks...

 photo IMG_9264_zps4a609d93.jpg

 photo IMG_9265_zps477488cd.jpg

 photo IMG_9266_zpsacc4fef6.jpg

Or carve sticks. Or shoot bb guns.

 photo IMG_9267_zpsa8808eda.jpg

Or make rainbow loom bracelets.

 photo IMG_9268_zpse21e3dbe.jpg

Or lounge around being cute.

 photo IMG_9269_zpse2796040.jpg

Or play football in the cabin.

 photo IMG_9270_zps229fb6df.jpg

 photo IMG_9272_zpsadeb997c.jpg

 photo IMG_9274_zps2bbf1868.jpg

 photo IMG_9275_zpsddcee971.jpg

 photo IMG_9277_zpsd824e848.jpg
 photo IMG_9281_zpsb6e2c81f.jpg

(that soggy diaper kills me. I can't win over it. I change it and in 20 minutes that's what it looks like... and this darn stink has zero interest in going on the potty. He'd rather pee on the floor, or couch, or on me... he's my first kid to not be potty trained by two...)

 photo IMG_9279_zps61368d26.jpg
 photo IMG_9280_zps98e81328.jpg

And one of my favorite things about the cabin along with all the night stars is the beautiful sunsets and sunrises... but honestly, who gets up early enough to see the sun rise when you are at a cabin?

 photo IMG_9282_zpsc468b60a.jpg

Happy birthday you handful!

 photo IMG_9286_zps6663f81b.jpg

Oh, and while we were in Utah my boys got colored hair. Courtesy of their Aunt Becca... Ledger's selection was Red.

 photo IMG_9287_zps79821695.jpg

Since we've been home I haven't been able to keep this kid dry. We have no AC and it's been ridiculously hot so I keep the door open. He comes and goes in the backyard as he pleases. But he's learned how to turn the hose on. I go through a dozen diapers a day because the second I change them he's filled them with hose water.

 photo IMG_9315_zps7c6d71ce.jpg
The older two boys got the opportunity to go to a football training camp put on by the Seattle SeaHawks. They had former players and current players helping run them through drills. They had a blast and it was fun to ditch the rest of the kids with sitters and go hang out and watch them. Here's Brizden catching an awesome pass.

 photo IMG_9373_zpsa06b593d.jpg

 photo IMG_9374_zps488856e7.jpg

 photo IMG_9375_zps63cb60d7.jpg
 photo IMG_9376_zpsbdfdd5d5.jpg
 photo IMG_9377_zps60889193.jpg
 photo IMG_9378_zps1bc03741.jpg
 photo IMG_9380_zpsf09bdb22.jpg
 photo IMG_9381_zps72bb1168.jpg

And they got a killer leg workout by jumping over pads.
 photo IMG_9488_zps250af873.jpg
And tackling pads.

 photo IMG_9655_zpsa466e1e1.jpg
Rylek got himself pink hair while we were in Utah.

 photo IMG_9662_zps6e7f0d5b.jpg
And Brizden's Is Lime Green.

 photo IMG_9707_zps9d34ca6e.jpg
 photo IMG_9705_zpsa4737246.jpg
 photo IMG_9706_zpsf33707f8.jpg

Rylek really held on to that ball. I was impressed. The older boys let it fly right out when they got hit from the SeaHawks Player.
 photo IMG_9727_zps6f2fe402.jpg
 photo IMG_9732_zps739e808f.jpg
 photo IMG_9731_zps8b146b08.jpg
 photo IMG_9730_zps3816969d.jpg
 photo IMG_9734_zps9e2271d4.jpg
 photo IMG_9733_zps86baf3ea.jpg

And then they got Bryan Walters, Wide Reciever #19, autograph on their shirts.
 photo IMG_9768_zps6156e2c6.jpg
 photo IMG_9770_zps0d6ef39f.jpg
 photo IMG_9778_zps5d421919.jpg

I've been trying to keep the boys entertained and out of the house this summer. I'm so sick of electronics I honestly wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet through our TV or Xbox... I will be sharing allot of these activities in separate posts but one thing we have done is fill up regular balloons with water. They make HUGE water balloons. HUGE.
 photo IMG_9809_zpsaec6f134.jpg

They are extremely heavy to lift.
 photo IMG_9811_zps021b78f1.jpg

And are hilarious when they pop because they contain so much water it catches you off guard every single time.
 photo IMG_9813_zpsb6545b0b.jpg
Brizden got an awesome long boarding road rash... He has no fear and decided to ride down our street... Which is well... a hill to say the least. His ride didn't end so well. It's a good thing they listen to us and choose to wear helmets and gloves. He was well protected.

 photo IMG_9815_zps850b7942.jpg

And this little princess turned 5 months. What? Yeah, it's gone by so fast.
 photo IMG_9845_zpsda688a7e.jpg
 photo IMG_9852_zps751cd654.jpg
And then this little Ledger turned 7.

 photo IMG_9880_zpsa784c5cd.jpg

And he joined the long boarding crew. We've now got 4 long board owners dwelling in this house.
 photo IMG_9895_zps433a164a.jpg

 photo IMG_9896_zpscae95a65.jpg
 photo IMG_9897_zps7f53a2cc.jpg
 photo IMG_9898_zps13140894.jpg
 photo IMG_9899_zps3a6b53c2.jpg
We celebrated with our family (aka our awesome neighbors) with Shaved Ice, Brownies and Rice Krispie Treats. No cake or ice cream for this kid. He doesn't like it.

 photo IMG_9900_zps1da3fcb7.jpg
 photo IMG_9902_zpscfb6e4d6.jpg
 photo IMG_9904_zpsd81a6dbb.jpg
 photo IMG_9911_zpsdfe8f47a.jpg
Ledger is a stud. He's so concerned about what he wears and what his hair looks like. He is super opinionated and stubborn... We just love his brown eyes. Our only brown eyed child... Those eyes win his dad over every time...

I was putting wash away the other day and got to add this little gem to our jacket closet. And I was overwhelmed with gratitude that we have a little girl in our lives. I had to document it. It literally brought a tear to my eye. It's a miracle. A meant to be story for the record books. And I can't wait until the adoption is legal... We are finally counting down... should be just a few months away.

 photo IMG_9956_zps5e0c8176.jpg

My husband and the older two boys along with the neighbors headed out on a 5 day 4 night 50 mile backpacking trip. They did awesome. I was more than a little bit jealous dropping them off at the trail-head. But I have little priorities at home that take my time right now. In a few years we will all join them... While they were away I took full advantage of crafting... I'll be sharing those projects with you shortly...
 photo IMG_9957_zps8d428e3e.jpg

And that's brings us to today. If  you've hung on this far... Football starts Friday. Which means... well. Football. Breath, Eat, and Sleep Football...

I hope your Summer has been filled with fun moments and memories to last a lifetime. If they haven't, it's not to late... Go make some now... squeeze all you can into the next few weeks.
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