Monday, January 4, 2016

January 2016 Chalkboard Art DIY

One of my top sellers at all of the craft shows I participate in are my Reclaimed Wood Chalkboards. The one question I get the most from the people who purchase them is 'Can you come write on it every month for me?'

And the answer I give is honestly, I would LOVE too... but we all know that's not a reality. So the next best thing I could come up with a monthly step by step tutorial for you so you could follow along and draw your own!!!

2016 January Chalkboard photo 20151231_114441_zpsowkuobdt.jpg

Let's get started. Grab your chalkboard and prepare it. This month I wanted mine to have a dirty used look to the back so I got a slightly damp paper towel and rubbed the old words off spreading the chalk dust around as I wiped. Once it dried it leaves a film of chalk spread out.

Step One photo 20151231_113133_zps2xqopbup.jpg

For this month I used a Chalk Pencil to get the fine detailed precision I wanted. On the first line in a cursive font I wrote the 'Although'. 

Step Two photo 20151231_113446_zpsjgtmegwi.jpg

And next to it in {} I wrote the words 'no one' all in lower case letters, with of course, the no on top of the one.

Step Three photo 20151231_113617_zpszewxmugq.jpg

Underneath the first line in between dots I wrote the words 'can go back and' in all capital letters.

Step Four photo 20151231_113832_zpsu1a1vtti.jpg

For the third line start with the word 'MaKE'. I wrote them using rectangles as the left side of the letters and then little lines in them.

Step Five photo 20151231_114037_zpsnpd2gtf1.jpg

Next to the Make draw a '-a-'. I wrote the a in cursive and lower case.

Step Six photo 20151231_114058_zpsm8psb1ri.jpg

Finish off the line with the word 'BRanD' with the same rectangular base as the word Make.

Step Seven photo 20151231_114211_zpsdq0wyqm4.jpg

For the fourth line centered and in cursive font write the words 'new start'.

Step Eight photo 20151231_114351_zpslobu57nn.jpg

The fifth line I started and ended with a simple arrow and in all caps the words 'anyone can start'. Underneath it for the sixth line in {} write from now with the from on top of the now all in lower case like you did with the no one from the first line.

Step Nine photo 20151231_114912_zpsqshqu4n1.jpg

Next to it in cursive write 'And'. And then next to it in {} 'make a brand' with the make a over brand all in lower case fonts matching the from now from the start of this line.

Step Ten photo 20151231_115224_zpsu39vwn54.jpg

Using the same rectangular base font as we did in Make Brand write 'nEW EnDInG.' on the next line.

Step Eleven photo 20151231_115458_zpsy9mxf6ig.jpg

Finish off this Monthly Chalkboard Art with a '-carl bard-' in cursive font all lower case.

Step Twelve photo 20151231_115620_zpstsxvnq3q.jpg

Display your chalkboard in it's spot and admire your incredible work. Give yourself a pat on the back. It's awesome, I can already tell. Remember, this is chalkboard art. That means it is NOT supposed to be perfect. It is supposed to be a little rough, not spaced evenly, off centered, etc... that is what gives it it's charm and makes it what it is.

Step Thirteen photo 20151231_115741_zpswclzt7hs.jpg

I would absolutely love to see your completed chalkboards for January. Please leave a comment with a link to yours in the comments and I'll be sure to check it out...

Have a great January and enjoy the New Beginning to the New End...

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Sun Still Shines If The Ground Is Covered In Frost

Several mornings this week frost covered the ground. This frost ended up hanging around all day long and thickened in the evening hours.

 photo 20160101_142700_zpsuhy8pyrl.jpg

It got me thinking. Frost is a funny thing. It covers the old and forces change within. It kills off the surface and diminishes and breaks down what is weak. It allows what it covers to grow and incubate deep under the earth. It gives it a new start completely getting rid of the old unwanted parts. It gives things the opportunities to become new, to grow, and to change. To let the old and unwanted die off permanently and top discard of the useless pieces.

Frost is cold and it kills. It's bitter and unforgiving. It's harsh and doesn't let anyone get in it's way. It covers everything in it's path. 

But it can also be beautiful. With the help of the sun it glistens and it glows. It makes the world look magnificent when it reflects and is overpowered by the light.

 photo 20160102_100100_zpsh5pnaevo.jpg

Here at the start of 2016 I feel like the me of 2015 has been laying under a never ending layer of frost. One that was resilient and one that tried to break me to the very core. It killed me on the surface. I tried to fake it through, and I did a really good job at it. 

While I've been fighting this last year on the surface to survive, I've been growing, thriving, and changing underneath at the center. With God's help I did not let Satan get any deeper than the surface. This year I am bringing what has been growing underneath out. I am spreading what I have learned. I am forgetting. I am forgiving. I am following God. I am serving my family and others. I am becoming who I've always been. But like the World, I needed a thick layer of evil and temptation so the wrongs and the doubts could diminish and the endless possibilities could be brought to light and amplified through God.

I don't set goals... but I do strive for changes... this year may we all bring what's hidden underneath up to the surface... lets put down our fronts and lets be real. Let's treat others better than they treat us. Let's be in tune with our Savior, and let's live with morals, values, and eternal love and happiness that can only be found when we are putting him and others first. Let's let him magnify our goodness and show us his goodness deep within even if Satan is trying to completely cover us with his powers.

Here's to God making my frost glisten and gleam this year and in the years to come.

(If you want to read an incredible verse of scripture this week that I feel prompted to share that really hit home to me open your Book Of Mormon to Moroni Chapter 7. If you would like a free copy of the Book Of Mormon please let me know below in the comments and I would be so excited to send you one with my personal testimony of it inside...)


Monday, September 21, 2015

Things are About to get Really Real Here and alot more Crafty and not so QUIET...

I'm back and I'm diving right in.

I hope you'll welcome the new Shannon with open arms. Life. Life has changed me.

The last year has been by far the most miserable experience I have ever lived through in my entire life. It hurt. Physically. Emotionally. And Spiritually.

My faith in human kind and in women was tarnished... but I picked up the pieces. I've pulled myself together... and although I have a long road to go... 

I'm okay.

And it's time to share... it's time to help...

I know I've gone through what I have because someone out there needs to connect. They need me... and although it's not time to air out my dirty laundry... it's time to open myself back up...

So please... if you don't have anything nice to say... and you aren't here in support of human kind... and being moral and trustworthy, and you are only here to tear down, tear apart, and focus on you... This is your invitation to leave... permanently...

Gulp... I said it... I'll be back daily from now on... with crafting... cooking... and real life... my real I can't hide it anymore behind perfectly staged photo's life...

Thanks for allowing me to take a break while I figure things out... My little family needed me... and I needed them... and we have a long road... but we will be okay... all 7 of us... together... we are going to be okay...


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

4th Of July Bling For My Door

It's kind of cheesy. But that's okay. Sometimes cheese is good. The tacky sparkle and shimmer reminds me of fireworks... And I think that's what I love about this wreath. I made this last year and still love it enough I wanted to share it with you.

 photo IMG_9786_zps6996b6ce.jpg
 photo IMG_9788_zps98830ba6.jpg
 photo IMG_9783_zps97b86840.jpg
 photo IMG_9784_zps1a17b3cc.jpg
 photo IMG_9785_zpse1fc9973.jpg

And the best part? It was super easy. Just allot of hot glue. I grabbed a wreath form and wrapped it in white satin ribbon using hot glue to secure it. Then I took bead necklaces from the party store and cut them into strands. I just wrapped them around the wreath. Because the wreath is circular the beads end up going on skewed so before the started to be uneven I just doubled them up like you can see in the above photo. Just hot glue 2-3 rows on top of the other rows in the inside of the circle. I like the dimension it gave as well. I'm all about layering. I then hot glued pin wheels which I removed from their sticks onto the wreath. I also purchased them from the party store. I then added some sparkler looking foil pieces. These were hooked to cement drops to hold helium balloons down. I just ripped them out and hot glued them on.

Easy peasy. Let me know if you give it a try! I think pin wheels are so much fun! What does your 4th of July wreath look like? Do you go for the sparkly fireworks look or with the subdued American Flag look?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Easter Egg Wreath

If you know me, you know I love a good wreath for my front door. I don't have an Easter wreath yet, and I decided last year that I better fix that problem...

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon13_zpse98397e5.jpg

So I grabbed a metal wreath form and some small plastic eggs. I hot glued the eggs onto the metal wreath form making sure they were all in the same direction.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon1_zpsb0f3e602.jpg

 photo April112014EasterEggWreath_zps2afe4db1.jpg

 photo c3950219-7fec-4fd8-b6df-9162234f415f_zpsabb2504c.jpg

I then flipped the wreath over and hot glued burlap ribbon underneath.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon3_zpsb1f69bf7.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon4_zps4f4ec5e1.jpg

When I turned the wreath back over I could then see the burlap peeping through the eggs.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon5_zps4f379234.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon6_zpse42f0929.jpg

I then turned the wreath back over and hot glued more burlap ribbon around the wreath. I criss-crossed the back back and forth looping burlap ribbon on each side.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon7_zpseb227003.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon8_zps4172f226.jpg

I went around the back of the wreath twice so there was burlap criss-crossed in every direction and hanging over both sides.

 photo 1ea61d9b-0eee-41c2-8c4f-c94c3ccbaa64_zps93b6dae4.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon10_zps375a2d39.jpg

I flipped the wreath back over. I cut squares out of the burlap ribbon. I took all of the corners in my hand and hot glued them together. I then put a dab of hot glue on the corners and stuck it in between the eggs.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon11_zpsae1b31fc.jpg

After I had filled each of the spots I took more burlap ribbon and wrapped it around the wreath securing it in the back with more hot glue.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon12_zps1e0dce88.jpg

I took the start of the burlap ribbon and tied it in a knot with the end. I then left 2-3 inches and tied another knot. This little space in between knots is what I used to hang my wreath.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon13_zpse98397e5.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon14_zps8de955b9.jpg

I'm all about texture and dimension and this fits the bill perfeectly. My Easter Wreath is now complete...