Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hey EVERYONE. I am participating in a craft show at the end of November. I am trying to get my products all ready and I am trying to clear out my ETSY shop in order to make more room.

So you get to use discount code SUMMERCLOSOUT FOR 50% off your total purchase. Yes, that's right 50% off your total purchase...

So head on over to SHANNONMAKESSTUFF and stock up on earrings, leggings, artprints, and costumes...

You won't want to miss this!!! 


Thursday, August 7, 2014

6 Month Old Princess

Our Little Princess is 6 months old. Crazy how time flies. We love her so very much and are so glad that she has come to complete our family.

She is on the verge of rolling over but isn't quite there yet (only does it to fall off the couch or when we aren't looking). She has mastered the art of crawling on her back. She loves me and recognizes me and cries anytime I walk away from her. She wants me to hold her all day and wants to be sitting up even though she hasn't quite mastered that skill either. She loves to sit in her chair and kick her legs to bounce bounce bounce. And her smile can light up the world. She is the most beautiful calm hearted spirit. And once again I could never say it enough. I am so grateful that God brought her into our lives and I am so grateful for the woman that carried her and watched over her and protected her for those nine months she was with her developing and being created and for her selfishness in letting her come into our home and our lives. Words can't even touch the base of what I feel towards her. She is an angel on earth, wherever she may be, and whatever she is going through. Hopefully one day I can meet with her again and better express my feelings of gratitude and appreciation for her. That she can realize what a remarkable woman she really is and what a gift she has delivered into this world. Her baby, my baby, our baby is an incredible spirit sent here to do incredible things. I have no doubt. She has already touched more lives than anyone could ever know. Her story is already far greater than her little arms can reach.

I am blessed to call her mine.

 photo IMG_9997_zpsccce6b15.jpg
 photo IMG_9990_zpsf0a34f42.jpg
 photo IMG_0001_zpsa2eaa47e.jpg
 photo IMG_0002_zps3f094e28.jpg
 photo IMG_0008_zps6ac2e2ec.jpg
 photo IMG_0024_zps3b4c4544.jpg
 photo IMG_0030_zps9569fe4b.jpg
 photo IMG_0043_zpsf0c931c4.jpg
 photo IMG_0047_zpsf39cd365.jpg
 photo IMG_0052_zps2e65210d.jpg
 photo IMG_0053_zpse793ac71.jpg
 photo IMG_0055_zps6a78f5ef.jpg
 photo IMG_0056_zps520115f7.jpg

Oh how I love you Little Princess...

 photo IMG_0033_zps72c2e205.jpg

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

An Easy Flirty Summer Dress

First I have to apologize for the horrible photo's. I could not get a good one if my life depended on it this time... oh, well. You get the drift.

I have such a hard time finding dresses that are long enough for me and that are still cute and not old lady. I have a bunch of fabric in my stash and decided to grab some and see what I could come up with...

 photo IMG_0115_zpsdafe820c.jpg

 photo IMG_0120_zps131b6079.jpg

You could take it a little higher in the length if you wish to make it even more flirty, but for me, it's perfect. I just wanted something I could lounge around in that was light and airy.

 photo IMG_0136_zps4aa58abc.jpg

Grab your jersey knit fabric and let's get started. I ended up using about 2 yards. Hem one of the ends of the fabric. The end that they cut at the fabric store not the selvedge edge. I just used a zig zag stitch this time, because I was too lazy to go dig out my double needle.

 photo IMG_9859_zps52d603a8.jpg

Here it is all hemmed on one of the sides.

 photo IMG_9860_zps718532e5.jpg

Grab your measuring tape and hold it just under your bust. Measure from here down to the length you want the hem of your dress.

 photo IMG_9865_zps0df39a6a.jpg

Lay your fabric out flat on the ground. You are going to be measuring up from your hemmed edge. Measure the length you took from above and add 1/2 inch. Cut the fabric.

 photo IMG_9861_zps1c2693b3.jpg

Take this piece right sides together and sew the sides together creating a tube.
 photo IMG_9862_zpsed2a2a8b.jpg

Here is an up close view of my seam. I sewed it and then serged it. Because we are using knit serging isn't necessary if you don't have one available, the fabric will not fray.
 photo IMG_9863_zpsa58e1daa.jpg
Now take your measuring tape and hold it underneath your bust and put it up over yous shoulder.
 photo IMG_9866_zpse3980f7e.jpg

Wrap it around your back and have it end where the side seam of your shirt ends. Take this measurement... (try doing this while taking a photo... it's akward... hence my face...)
 photo IMG_9868_zpsa6ebccf9.jpg

Cut two strips of fabric that are this length. You want the stretch of the fabric going the long length.I am a size large in women and I made mine 8 inches wide. Make yours the width you feel comfortable with.
 photo IMG_9869_zpsbfc80f92.jpg
Hem the edges. I again used the zig zag stitch like I did in the first step.

 photo IMG_9870_zpsf20b3e75.jpg

Now go back to your skirt piece and using elastic thread in your bobbin sew two rows on the unfinished edge. This will gather the skirt.
 photo IMG_9871_zps89fa9760.jpg

Take the two long pieces that we hemmed and attatch them to the front of the skirt. Find the center and then overlap them slightly. You want to slightly gather them as you sew them on. I cut mine 8 inches wide and they ended up being 6 inches sewn.
 photo IMG_9872_zps1ce79fbf.jpg
Here is what it looks like.

 photo IMG_9873_zpsf880e148.jpg
This step may get confusing so look at it closely. I also rotated the picture to it side to help. Take the right rectangle and flip it right sides down and then over to the left of the dress. Flip it right sides up again and sew it to the bottom side of the other rectangle with right sides together.

 photo IMG_9875_zpsaba1178d.jpg

Repeat with the left rectangle on the right side. Then take the remaining top of the skirt and sew it down as if you are hemming it. Sew completely around the top which also secures the top pieces to the skirt. I then zig zag stitched up the sides as well where the rectangles meet. And that's it. You are done. 
 photo IMG_0065_zps37f05015.jpg
 photo IMG_0072_zpsbfabc65e.jpg
 photo IMG_0075_zps4876aef2.jpg

You could wear it as is or you can slip on a belt to take it up a notch. (Don't mind my whack hair...but let's face it. I'm not gonna do it just to get a picture taken... I've been sewing after all.)
 photo IMG_0090_zps8fb2308e.jpg
 photo IMG_0094_zps5da1856b.jpg

Let me know if you give it a try or if you have any questions! I would love to see any dresses you complete using this tutorial! Until next time...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fabulous Friday Craft Number One... Burlap ClipBoard Tutorial

Need a quick and easy craft to get your creativity going? Need a cute practical inexpensive gift? Need a place you can hang your kids art work, latest picture, or your favorite saying? Then this is for you!

This is one of the selections of crafts that will be available to make at my church's local Fabulous Friday Activity In October. (Same thing as Super Saturday) If you are a local and aren't involved in my church, no worries! Anyone is invited. Just let me know so I can get you a sign up form! We are charging $6.00 for the supplies.

 photo IMG_9988_zps78039939.jpg

You will need:
Black Paint
Paint Brush
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
2 Clothes Pins
1X2 if you are going to make your own frame or a wood frame
8.5X11 printable

First you need to either get a wood frame the size you would like your finished project to be or make one. To cut down on the cost and because I have a Kreg Jig, I am making ours. I have made them to be 15 inches tall by 12.5 inches wide to fit an 8.5X11 paper with a 2 inch border around all the edges. The wood frame will be made prior to our activity to save a step for the crafters. Here is what they look like.

 photo IMG_9962_zpsde68422b.jpg

 photo IMG_9963_zps699ef268.jpg

Then cut a piece of burlap, We are using printed burlap that I found at Joann's. The burlap needs to be long enough on each side to wrap around to the back inside of the frame.

 photo IMG_9971_zps91ac869c.jpg

Run a line of hot glue along one side of the inside of the frame and fold over the burlap pressing it into the hot glue. Be careful not to  burn your fingers.  You want the edge of the burlap to be at the edge of the back of the burlap along with wood frame so the wood is completely covered. Repeat with all four sides, leaving the corners loose.

 photo IMG_9972_zps830c3d02.jpg

Now to conquer the corners. They will look like this right now, all bunched up with fabric.

 photo IMG_9973_zpsfea74c22.jpg

Lift the corner up so all the excess fabric is pulled up off the frame.

 photo IMG_9974_zps723689b6.jpg

Tuck the corners in and push the outer edge out so it flattens down against the wood frame.

 photo IMG_9975_zps21089e7d.jpg

Lift up one side and run hot glue down the side.

 photo IMG_9976_zps9a68ef3c.jpg

Then press it down flat.

 photo IMG_9977_zpsa332798e.jpg

Lift up the other edge and run a line of hot glue down it.

 photo IMG_9978_zps48d14698.jpg

Press it down flat.

 photo IMG_9979_zpsbead841f.jpg

Now lift up the top corner flap.

 photo IMG_9980_zpsd5618260.jpg

Fold it down on itself and run a line of hot glue around the edge and across the fold.

 photo IMG_9981_zps1c4579b0.jpg

Fold it back down pressing it into the corner of the wood frame.

 photo IMG_9982_zps5dc068e1.jpg

It will fit nice and snug into the corner.

 photo IMG_9983_zps5b74c5ca.jpg 

Repeat with all four sides.

 photo IMG_9984_zps95d3a2a1.jpg 

You can now turn over the frame. It is complete.

 photo IMG_9985_zps2ccc803a.jpg 

Grab two clothes pins and paint them black. Once they are dry place a line of hot glue down the back side and glue to the wooden frame. Place them so the tops of the clothes pins line up with the top of the burlap frame and are supported by the wood frame. Evenly space them on the top so they hold pictures correctly and look pleasing to the eye.

 photo IMG_9986_zps6793db25.jpg

And that's it. Super Easy. We are going to have 8.5X11 papers printed out with different quotes that they can chose from to take home to have something to hang on them right away or to use if they are gifting them. I found the one pictured at Nest Of Posies.

 photo IMG_9987_zpsbb59e562.jpg

I like to keep the crafts for Fabulous Friday (or Super Saturday) easy, useful, and unique... (This is the fifth time I have been involved with this event, the third time I have been in charge. I kind of have it down to an art.) I have selected all of our crafts already. I will be posting them here and then I will post how I do the sign up sheets and how I organize the actual night. I hope it will help a few of you in your journey!

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