Monday, September 21, 2015

Things are About to get Really Real Here and alot more Crafty and not so QUIET...

I'm back and I'm diving right in.

I hope you'll welcome the new Shannon with open arms. Life. Life has changed me.

The last year has been by far the most miserable experience I have ever lived through in my entire life. It hurt. Physically. Emotionally. And Spiritually.

My faith in human kind and in women was tarnished... but I picked up the pieces. I've pulled myself together... and although I have a long road to go... 

I'm okay.

And it's time to share... it's time to help...

I know I've gone through what I have because someone out there needs to connect. They need me... and although it's not time to air out my dirty laundry... it's time to open myself back up...

So please... if you don't have anything nice to say... and you aren't here in support of human kind... and being moral and trustworthy, and you are only here to tear down, tear apart, and focus on you... This is your invitation to leave... permanently...

Gulp... I said it... I'll be back daily from now on... with crafting... cooking... and real life... my real I can't hide it anymore behind perfectly staged photo's life...

Thanks for allowing me to take a break while I figure things out... My little family needed me... and I needed them... and we have a long road... but we will be okay... all 7 of us... together... we are going to be okay...


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

4th Of July Bling For My Door

It's kind of cheesy. But that's okay. Sometimes cheese is good. The tacky sparkle and shimmer reminds me of fireworks... And I think that's what I love about this wreath. I made this last year and still love it enough I wanted to share it with you.

 photo IMG_9786_zps6996b6ce.jpg
 photo IMG_9788_zps98830ba6.jpg
 photo IMG_9783_zps97b86840.jpg
 photo IMG_9784_zps1a17b3cc.jpg
 photo IMG_9785_zpse1fc9973.jpg

And the best part? It was super easy. Just allot of hot glue. I grabbed a wreath form and wrapped it in white satin ribbon using hot glue to secure it. Then I took bead necklaces from the party store and cut them into strands. I just wrapped them around the wreath. Because the wreath is circular the beads end up going on skewed so before the started to be uneven I just doubled them up like you can see in the above photo. Just hot glue 2-3 rows on top of the other rows in the inside of the circle. I like the dimension it gave as well. I'm all about layering. I then hot glued pin wheels which I removed from their sticks onto the wreath. I also purchased them from the party store. I then added some sparkler looking foil pieces. These were hooked to cement drops to hold helium balloons down. I just ripped them out and hot glued them on.

Easy peasy. Let me know if you give it a try! I think pin wheels are so much fun! What does your 4th of July wreath look like? Do you go for the sparkly fireworks look or with the subdued American Flag look?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Easter Egg Wreath

If you know me, you know I love a good wreath for my front door. I don't have an Easter wreath yet, and I decided last year that I better fix that problem...

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon13_zpse98397e5.jpg

So I grabbed a metal wreath form and some small plastic eggs. I hot glued the eggs onto the metal wreath form making sure they were all in the same direction.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon1_zpsb0f3e602.jpg

 photo April112014EasterEggWreath_zps2afe4db1.jpg

 photo c3950219-7fec-4fd8-b6df-9162234f415f_zpsabb2504c.jpg

I then flipped the wreath over and hot glued burlap ribbon underneath.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon3_zpsb1f69bf7.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon4_zps4f4ec5e1.jpg

When I turned the wreath back over I could then see the burlap peeping through the eggs.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon5_zps4f379234.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon6_zpse42f0929.jpg

I then turned the wreath back over and hot glued more burlap ribbon around the wreath. I criss-crossed the back back and forth looping burlap ribbon on each side.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon7_zpseb227003.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon8_zps4172f226.jpg

I went around the back of the wreath twice so there was burlap criss-crossed in every direction and hanging over both sides.

 photo 1ea61d9b-0eee-41c2-8c4f-c94c3ccbaa64_zps93b6dae4.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon10_zps375a2d39.jpg

I flipped the wreath back over. I cut squares out of the burlap ribbon. I took all of the corners in my hand and hot glued them together. I then put a dab of hot glue on the corners and stuck it in between the eggs.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon11_zpsae1b31fc.jpg

After I had filled each of the spots I took more burlap ribbon and wrapped it around the wreath securing it in the back with more hot glue.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon12_zps1e0dce88.jpg

I took the start of the burlap ribbon and tied it in a knot with the end. I then left 2-3 inches and tied another knot. This little space in between knots is what I used to hang my wreath.

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon13_zpse98397e5.jpg

 photo April112014EasterWreathMadeByShannon14_zps8de955b9.jpg

I'm all about texture and dimension and this fits the bill perfeectly. My Easter Wreath is now complete...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gasping For Breath

Imagine being stuck in a whirl pool. 
A whirl pool that has so much momentum you can't stop swirling around with it. You keep going round and round and round. 
And while you go around things keep getting thrown at you and you slowly start to sink. 
Now you aren't just going around and around uncontrollably and sinking you are starting to get sucked under. You gasp for breath and then resurface for a moment. And then find yourself back immersed under once again. And while you're under you are trying to dodge huge obstacles in your path but you keep running into them. Getting punched in the gut, face, or even from behind. You can't avoid them no matter how hard you try.
Each time you come up for a breath you find yourself trying to grab onto something to keep yourself afloat and keep yourself from being pulled back in but you can't because nothing is there. 
And you end up going right back under.
It finally gets to the point where if you make it up you can't even get a full breath before you are sucked back under. You are struggling with air, dizziness from all the circling, and just plain exhaustion which all leads to a tad bit of insanity. And the longer it goes on the more infrequent the surfacing becomes. Your body is turning off but your mind is whirling. You can't escape.
You start to feel like no one is even noticing your despair. After all the ones who should be there reaching in to pull you out of this whirl pool are the ones that started it and are the ones you see throwing things in at you, and the ones keeping up it's momentum and power... 
You are slowly drowning.
I hesitate, and I've hesitated posting this for months now. But it's where I am in my life. And people are noticing. And although I can't explain any details, just know. I am aware. I am trying. 
I've been in a major accident where I mutilated my fingers and then shortly after I've been betrayed by people I never imagined would betray me. And it's rocked my World. I'm trying to keep my head above the water. But I'm struggling.
So if you've noticed my withdrawal from life. It's true. It's not something I can talk about and so it's easier to pull away because it's always on my mind. It's my whole life right now... It's hard to hide it, people notice, they ask and I can't talk about it, so it's easier to seclude myself from the World.
And it will get better... and I hope I can find myself again... but right now... 
I have no idea who I am anymore. I thought I knew... But that was taken from me in an instant and I wish it was just as easy to get it back... but it hasn't been.
...but each day it gets better. Each day it gets less painful... 
And one day I hope I can wake up and it won't be a part of me or what defines me anymore... but that will be a long way down the road... but I'm taking steps in that direction.
Don't ever assume you know what people are going through. Because this experience has taught me that you have no idea what someone can hide behind the words... "I'm fine". I know because I'm hiding more than you'll ever know...
But it's true. I'm fine.
I always will be.
I'm tough.
I'm strong.
And after all...
It is what it is.
And I have no control over that.
I just have to learn to understand, to forgive, and to start over on solid ground.
And I'll be okay wherever my future leads me... I'm just trying to remain patient waiting to see what it unfolds. I'm trying to surface occasionally. I'm trying to breath. For myself and for my family.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Back To School.

Yep, I'm a little late... but that's okay... Mormon Standard Time, Right?
The boys have all started school. It's just Milo and Joese and Me at home... 
As for this big guy... 
 photo IMG_0311_zps38cd3afc.jpg
Well, Brizden started 6th grade. He was so excited. I still can't believe I have a middle school-er. But I have to say. I am just loving him. He is so quirky and quick witted and funny. He is relentless... and he makes our row really irreverent at church... But I just can't get enough of him. He is the best. He loves his brothers and sister. He is a really huge help to me. He is so respectful... I could just go on and on. I am so lucky that he is my son... I couldn't have asked for a better one.
 photo IMG_0312_zpsf2756e59.jpg
(Don't mind the white moth in the background... grrr...)
As for this guy...
 photo IMG_0319_zps02723372.jpg

Well, Rylek is headed into 4th grade. He likes being the oldest at the school now that his brother is gone. He is totally opposite than his older brother. He is emotional, sensitive, and kind hear-ted. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He thinks about other peoples feelings and easily gets his feelings hurt. He's figuring himself out and taking his own sweet time... (He's in the stage I HATE...) I love him to death. I love that he kisses me every morning and night. He is also a very kind brother to his younger siblings. He is such a huge help. The first to jump up and do what I ask. The last to leave from helping. He's such a fun boy to be around when he's got a smile on his face.

 photo IMG_0322_zpsa80cb1ab.jpg

(don't mind the closed eyes. I should have taken more than one shot. I didn't...)

As for this guy...

 photo IMG_0316_zps53f7492a.jpg

Ledger is in 2nd grade. He is well... sigh... (how do I have two kids in obnoxious stages... scratch that three... I'm beginning to think that spacing your kids every two years is a bad idea... you hit 2, 8, 10 all at once... ugh...) He is very stubborn. He wants what he wants and he doesn't stop until he's got it. He is a perfectionist. He is very passionate. He doesn't want to help do anything, and he doesn't want to go anywhere. He just wants to stay home... He loves to be outside and playing with his friends. He has brown eyes that suck his dad in. It doesn't really work for me... He's a pain in my rear right now... let's be real... but he's cute. He loves to cuddle up with me. He is easily won over by treats or electronics.... He has a spunk that will rock your world.

 photo IMG_0321_zpsbed0b189.jpg

I am so luck to be the mom of these three boys. Even though they are at very tough stages (what stage isn't) I love them more than anything. I think they are each so amazing and so awesome. They really are so good to me and to each other. We have our moments, but what family doesn't...

 photo IMG_0315_zpsb9d1e57e.jpg
I couldn't ask for more... My life is blessed. I mean come on? Aren't these three just totally awesome? Yes, yes they are. And I'm their mom. Lucky  me.

And because it's back to school it means school lunches... for my creative ideas and to hear how much I love Capri Sun go here...
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